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Doug Burgum Throws His Hat in the Ring

By Rachel Venture / June 8, 2023

Is Current North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, the Answer to Both Parties’ Frustration this Election Cycle? North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum From farm boy to billionaire to President of the United States? Doug Burgum really seems to know no limits. Having just teased out a presidential run on local news outlets, he actually started showing […]

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Watford City Heritage Park Season Opener

By Rachel Venture / June 1, 2023

The flowers on the trees have bloomed, and all of the leaves have sprouted from their branches. Baby coyotes are yipping in the pasture and the bees are starting to pollinate the clovers popping their heads up out of the ground. Spring is in full swing, summer will be here before we know it, and […]

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Dark Side Shares Artistry Beyond Tattoos

By Rachel Venture / May 18, 2023

My grandmother asked me when I got my first tattoo. “What are you going to do with that when you’re old and wrinkly?” to which I replied, “enjoy all the other old tattooed people.” Tattoos are fairly commonplace nowadays. In the expression of one’s life, goals or fandom, or the remembrance of those long gone, […]

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The State of the City Address 2023

By Rachel Venture / May 11, 2023

The State of the City address is an important part of informing the taxpayers of Williston about where their money goes. The 2023 State of the City got off to a successful start with thank you’s to Mitch Melberg for his visual display and Mayor Klug greeting attendees and citizens watching at home. Shawn Wenko […]

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James Memorial Preservation Society Celebrates 30 years

By Rachel Venture / May 11, 2023

It’s been 30 years since the James Memorial preservation society took over the care and finances of the James Memorial Art Center. During those 30 years, The James Memorial Art Center has developed into a center of creativity that brings us art and music. Its dome ceiling has been reverberating the sounds of an entire […]

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Train ND Workover

By Rachel Venture / May 4, 2023

It takes a special kind of ruggedness combined with intelligence to call the Bakken your home. The oilfields of the Bakken are an unforgiving workplace that can, at times, be very dangerous. Training and learning to do a job precisely is key to success in this environment. Although accidents have decreased significantly since the end […]

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Home Comforts has Expanded

By Rachel Venture / April 13, 2023

Williston small business seems to be thriving this spring. With the promise of warmer weather Home Comforts has opened the doors of their new location for a soft opening at 1404 2nd Ave. West which was formerly the Kum and Go. Beverly and Dale Salman and their children who also happen to work professional construction, […]

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Strong Women, Strong Connections

By Rachel Venture / March 30, 2023

The Bakken is a test of every strength we have as humans. We all know the Bakken is a 24 hour industry that never sleeps and whether it’s negative 30 degree wind chills or scorching 100 degree summer days, the Bakken shows us who we really are and what we are capable of. Women of […]

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PRCA Extreme Bares & Broncs

By Rachel Venture / March 16, 2023

Rodeo is one of the oldest sports in America. It finds its roots in the domestic cattle trade of the American West, and the rules were greatly influenced by Spanish-Mexican settlers in the American territories. As the sport grew in popularity, it spread across our nation to the northern territories, where legends like Chris LeDoux […]

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Williston All City Orchestra Concert

By Rachel Venture / March 8, 2023

Music runs deep in the heart of the Bakken. From the traditional drum circles of the Lakota Nations to the nightly fiddle of a circled wagon train bound west, music has lifted the spirits of humans in these lands for milenia. Though style changes through the centuries, beat, melody and ideas of love, loss and […]

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Theodore Roosevelt National park: Save the Horses

By Rachel Venture / March 2, 2023

Horses have been an ornate part of American history. First brought over by European settlers around 1600 AD, horses quickly became a part of our shared American culture. By the Lewis and Clark expeditions of the late 1700s, horses had spread across the American continent to Oregon and California with little noticeable disruption to the […]

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Amanda Bradshaw Guitar Workshop & Concert

By Rachel Venture / February 23, 2023

With spring just around the corner, concerts and camping trips are almost within reach. Dee James was inspired by the music and poetry of Almeda Bradshaw from Huntley Montana and on a lark, James decided to reach out to Bradshaw to see if she would be willing to put on a workshop and concert for […]

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