Dark Side Shares Artistry Beyond Tattoos

My grandmother asked me when I got my first tattoo. “What are you going to do with that when you’re old and wrinkly?” to which I replied, “enjoy all the other old tattooed people.” Tattoos are fairly commonplace nowadays. In the expression of one’s life, goals or fandom, or the remembrance of those long gone, tattoos can be a tribute to the things and people we care about most.

Humans have been tattooing their skin since the neolithic era, primitive tattooing tools have been found in caves predating the wheel and domestication of animals. Frozen and mummified remains of ancient peoples have been found with artwork, patterns and even funerary instructions tattooed into their skin and today. The oldest evidence we have of ink tattooing in America was a frozen Inuit woman in Alaska with traditional patterns. The way we work ink under skin is essentially the same as our ancestors but much more sanitary.


Piercings have also become fairly mainstream as well, having even been known to have medicinal uses such as relieving migraines. They are also better documented throughout history as piercing tools and jewelry are usually made of precious metals and stone, making their remnants last the test of time with more regularity and a more diverse menagerie. The earliest piercing was actually recently discovered in the skeleton of a man who lived about 12,000 years ago in what is now Sudan.

Dark Side Tattoo and Piercing has been providing the citizens of Williston with tattoo and piercing services for many years but their new property is an alternative wonderland in and of itself. Starting with the beautiful murals on the walls, the shop now has its own gallery in the works to display upcoming artists' wares.

The discreet piercing room now has two comfortable chairs, tucked away in the back for all types of piercings. Steve and Jasmine live above this Bob’s Burgers style venue and are very excited to be sharing it with the community. They would like to eventually graduate into hosting art classes and paint-and-sip style events so stop by 109 Main St to see some art. Steve and Jasmine will also be at the upcoming tattoo expo in Williston if you would like to come see them in action and watch some time honored traditional inking going down.

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