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Art Fest celebrates everyday heroes

By Rachel Venture / September 7, 2023

Some say that not all heroes wear capes, but at this year’s Art Fest that might be appropriate attire anyway. It’s that wonderful time of year for the James Memorial Art Center’s annual Art Fest and the theme of the year is “Celebrating Everyday Heroes.” Art has a special place in the hearts of the […]

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Whisk It Good baked fresh in Williston

By Rachel Venture / August 24, 2023

Humans are an incredibly multifaceted species who can create music, do math and write code. Some go into one profession, master it then move onto the next profession. Whisk it Good owner Chelsea Norsten started off her career in Williston at the Police Department and for over eight years she diligently helped keep Williston safe. […]

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Mindy’s Murals Beautifies Winterton Suites

By Rachel Venture / August 24, 2023

Theodore Roosevelt has always accredited his determination to be President of the United States to his time spent in the rugged cattle wilderness of the North Dakota badlands. North Dakota has inspired many other artists and writers to create some of their greatest works. The tough terrain, cold winters and work-filled summers have given rise […]

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Opportunity Foundation, INC.

By Rachel Venture / August 17, 2023

James, OFI help recipient, and Courtney, program director Photo by: Rachel Venture It is great to live in a world with so many different and wonderful people. People who wake up each morning and ask themselves, “How can I make today better for humanity?” And then set out to answer that question. At Opportunity Foundation […]

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Meet Local Tattoo Artist, Casey Baker

By Rachel Venture / August 10, 2023

Williston is a very fortunate place to be a tattoo enthusiast. Since the boom, Williston has attracted some great tattoo artists from all over the country. Names like Steve Hebrance of Dark Side Tattoo, and Christina and Jamie of Pretty in Ink draw a big tattoo crowd into our quaint little oil town. The Tattoo […]

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701 Coffee and Speed Shop

By Rachel Venture / July 27, 2023

Coffee is a staple of the morning in the Bakken. From that first grind to the last pour, coffee has powered the oilfields since we first started bringing oil up to the surface. It’s no surprise that motorsport has become the weekend pastime of the hard workers of the oilfield, and this gave Chucky Kuhlmann […]

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Galvan’s Bakery

By Rachel Venture / July 13, 2023

Pan Dulce or “sweet bread” has been circulating in Central and South America for over 200 years. After the grisly centuries of the conquistadors, different walks of life learned to coexist in a bountiful part of the world. In the early 20th century, the dictator Porfirio Díaz connected his bakers with French bakers and what […]

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Better Living with Belle

By Rachel Venture / June 15, 2023

You are what you eat. An idea humans often forget about as they scurry about their increasingly complex and time consumed lives. For a lot of people in the high-stress oil industry, shoveling anything with calories into our mouths to get back to work quickly is a common practice. Shutting up that “I’m hungry” sensation […]

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Doug Burgum Throws His Hat in the Ring

By Rachel Venture / June 8, 2023

Is Current North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, the Answer to Both Parties’ Frustration this Election Cycle? North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum From farm boy to billionaire to President of the United States? Doug Burgum really seems to know no limits. Having just teased out a presidential run on local news outlets, he actually started showing […]

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Watford City Heritage Park Season Opener

By Rachel Venture / June 1, 2023

The flowers on the trees have bloomed, and all of the leaves have sprouted from their branches. Baby coyotes are yipping in the pasture and the bees are starting to pollinate the clovers popping their heads up out of the ground. Spring is in full swing, summer will be here before we know it, and […]

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Dark Side Shares Artistry Beyond Tattoos

By Rachel Venture / May 18, 2023

My grandmother asked me when I got my first tattoo. “What are you going to do with that when you’re old and wrinkly?” to which I replied, “enjoy all the other old tattooed people.” Tattoos are fairly commonplace nowadays. In the expression of one’s life, goals or fandom, or the remembrance of those long gone, […]

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The State of the City Address 2023

By Rachel Venture / May 11, 2023

The State of the City address is an important part of informing the taxpayers of Williston about where their money goes. The 2023 State of the City got off to a successful start with thank you’s to Mitch Melberg for his visual display and Mayor Klug greeting attendees and citizens watching at home. Shawn Wenko […]

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