Doug Burgum Throws His Hat in the Ring

Is Current North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, the Answer to Both Parties' Frustration this Election Cycle?

North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum
North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum

From farm boy to billionaire to President of the United States? Doug Burgum really seems to know no limits. Having just teased out a presidential run on local news outlets, he actually started showing interest in a presidential run two months ago. This landed him at the butt of a Seth Meyers joke on late night television in which his senatorial counterpart Kevin Cramer’s picture was swapped out for him, pointing out that voters would not know the difference between the two men from North Dakota.

Republicans and Democrats alike are starting to notice Governor Burgum now.

With the questionable popularity of candidate Joe Biden, both Republicans and Democrats seem to be looking for a moderate Republican candidate to take up a calm, steady Presidency. From Oregon to Massachusetts, voters are finding out that infighting is bad for business and Burgum is a very successful businessman.

As knowledge of his success and policies for rational thinking grows, many Republicans in the United States are frustrated with the polarizing tendencies of the other candidates available to them. Doug Burgum seems to many like a middle ground to carry our country forward without the wild propaganda and rhetoric.

Many citizens of Williston are also tired of political polarization interfering with daily business and the oil fields. North Dakota seems to be the only state where keeping politics out of business is still an old fashioned practice that we hold true to. The Governor was a frequent visitor to Williston on the campaign trail, and enjoyed many of our local venues while he visited. This presidential run could be a beacon of success for the state of North Dakota, as well as the United States.

Governor Burgum is expected to announce his candidacy for President of the United States on June 7 and his candidacy would be endorsed by the republican party at the Republican national convention sometime between February and June 2024. Former president Donald Trump currently holds the lead for the most likely presidential candidate but his lead is small and fluctuates often. The petty insults and in-fighting with Republican candidate Ron DeSantis has caused many of his supporters to question his viability as a candidate. Those poll numbers are expected to shift more as more candidates decide they are up to the task of settling the political waters in the United States.

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