Williston Strong 5k Walk/Run

The Williston Run Club is proud to present the Williston Strong 5K Walk/Run, an uplifting event designed to support the families of the children tragically affected by the accidents on April 3, 2023. Scheduled for Saturday, April 29, at Spring Lake Park in Williston, North Dakota, the event invites residents and visitors to join together in solidarity, demonstrating the power of community compassion and unity.


Registration for the Williston Strong 5K Walk/Run opens at 3:00 PM, with the event commencing at 4:00 PM. The walk/run offers a meaningful opportunity for participants to grieve the losses while providing financial support to the families in need. All proceeds from the event will directly benefit the five affected families, making a tangible difference in their lives during this difficult time.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the event, whether by participating, donating, volunteering, or simply sharing information about the event on social media. No one will be turned away. In the spirit of inclusivity, all children, including students from Williston and regional schools, can participate for free. Early registration is encouraged to ensure the availability of the appropriate t-shirt sizes for all participants.

Organized by Paula Lankford as part of her Leadership Williston project, the Williston Strong 5K Walk/Run aims to honor the lives of the children who passed away and showcase the caring spirit of the Williston community. Lankford had initially planned a different fundraiser but felt compelled to create this event after the accidents occurred. She quickly took charge of organizing the walk/run, garnering support from fellow members of the Williston Run Club.

There has been discussion about potentially turning the Williston Strong 5K Walk/Run into an annual event, with the exact nature and fundraising cause yet to be determined. After this event, organizers will seek feedback from sponsors, community members, and event leaders to gauge interest in making the walk/run a recurring tradition.

Inspired by the desire to help those affected, the Williston Strong 5K Walk/Run is a testament to the resilience and unity of the Williston community. As participants walk or run side by side, they embody the strength of a community that stands together during challenging times. So, lace up your running shoes and join us on April 29 to show that together, we are Williston Strong.

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