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Embracing change: a new era for the Community Shopper

By Kary Moltzan / October 12, 2023

Change is in the air, and not just the shifting seasons. The Community Shopper has undergone quite a transformation in the past year since it was acquired by JC and Susan LaBar. If we liken it to our middle school years – complete with braces and acne – it’s safe to say we’re at that […]

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A warm welcome: introducing Chelsy Weisz, your new editor

By Kary Moltzan / October 12, 2023

Dear Readers, I’ve never been great at small talk and keeping things on the surface level, I tend to dive in head first into the heart of things which is why I want to begin by sharing my “why” with you. In life, my mission is “to educate and inspire others so that we can […]

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Karinderya by Seb and Nik provides a Filipino cultural cuisine experience

By Erica Kingston / October 5, 2023

For a rural northwestern North Dakota town, Williston has become a melting pot of cultures, both domestic and abroad, due to the unique economy of the region. Bringing an opportunity to be immersed in Filipino culture through dining, is a recently opened, one-of-a-kind restaurant. Karinderya by Seb and Nik is the newest business to join […]

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Emry’s Locksmithing securing the Bakken

By Rachel Venture / September 21, 2023

It’s a cold, late night and you run to your pickup to warm up. Suddenly, you realize the keys are in the pickup. This situation has happened to just about everyone at some point. In the last 45 years in the Bakken, Emry’s Locksmithing has answered that midnight freezing call to let people into their […]

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Bright Beginnings Daycare to open on WSC grounds

By Erica Kingston / September 14, 2023

Childcare is hard to find. A shortage in capacity of childcare is a nationwide issue with no exception in the town of Williston. The waitlists are long, with often no movement.  Janie Cox saw this need when she decided to quit her teaching job to stay home with her growing family. She opened Happy Families […]

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Celebrating economic achievement at the annual awards banquet

By Alex McCann Johnson / September 7, 2023

The spotlight is set, the stage is ready and the excitement is deep as Williston prepares for one of its most anticipated business events of the year – the Williston Economic Development/Small Business Development Center’s Annual Awards Banquet. Scheduled to take place on Sept.8, from 6-10 p.m. at the Old Armory, this much-awaited gathering has […]

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Whisk It Good baked fresh in Williston

By Rachel Venture / August 24, 2023

Humans are an incredibly multifaceted species who can create music, do math and write code. Some go into one profession, master it then move onto the next profession. Whisk it Good owner Chelsea Norsten started off her career in Williston at the Police Department and for over eight years she diligently helped keep Williston safe. […]

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Jer Bears Sno Shack Passionate About Giving Back

By Erica Kingston / August 17, 2023

Throughout the summer months in Williston and the surrounding communities, a bright green trailer can often be seen, usually accompanied by a line of eager patrons. In parks, at company picnics or community events, Jer Bears Sno Shack has become a common staple over the years – a business run by familiar faces with a […]

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Meet Local Tattoo Artist, Casey Baker

By Rachel Venture / August 10, 2023

Williston is a very fortunate place to be a tattoo enthusiast. Since the boom, Williston has attracted some great tattoo artists from all over the country. Names like Steve Hebrance of Dark Side Tattoo, and Christina and Jamie of Pretty in Ink draw a big tattoo crowd into our quaint little oil town. The Tattoo […]

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701 Coffee and Speed Shop

By Rachel Venture / July 27, 2023

Coffee is a staple of the morning in the Bakken. From that first grind to the last pour, coffee has powered the oilfields since we first started bringing oil up to the surface. It’s no surprise that motorsport has become the weekend pastime of the hard workers of the oilfield, and this gave Chucky Kuhlmann […]

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Lemonade Day – Williston

By Community Shopper / July 20, 2023

The Williston Chamber of Commerce is hosting its 9th Annual Lemonade Day this Saturday! Lemonade Day is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth in grades K-8 important business, financial, character-building, and life skills that are the critical ingredients of entrepreneurship. Running a lemonade stand is a fantastic way to learn about money management and […]

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Galvan’s Bakery

By Rachel Venture / July 13, 2023

Pan Dulce or “sweet bread” has been circulating in Central and South America for over 200 years. After the grisly centuries of the conquistadors, different walks of life learned to coexist in a bountiful part of the world. In the early 20th century, the dictator Porfirio Díaz connected his bakers with French bakers and what […]

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