History Awaits at Williston Basin Airshow

By Falon Justice / August 18, 2023

Today was a good, good day! As most of you know, the Williston Basin International Airport and Overland Aviation will host the Williston Basin Airshow tomorrow, Saturday, August 19th, at the airport. I was lucky to snag a quick ride on B-25 “Miss Mitchell” with my media friends this afternoon. It was a bit warm, […]

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Preserving North Dakota’s History with ScanDay

By Alex McCann Johnson / July 13, 2023

Are you a resident of North Dakota with a collection of photographs, documents, or objects that hold historical value? Would you like to contribute to preserving the rich heritage of your community? If so, we invite you to participate in ScanDay, an exciting event organized by the North Dakota State Library and sponsored by the […]

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Fort Buford Historic Site: A Living Testimony to the Military Heritage of the Midwest

By Community Shopper / June 15, 2023

Photo Source: https://www.ndtourism.com/williston/history/forts/fort-buford-state-historic-site WILLISTON, ND- Fort Buford State Historic Site is a revered landmark that preserves the illustrious history of the Midwest. Named after Civil War hero General Jon Buford, it was established in June 1866 by the 13th U.S. Infantry as a strategic military outpost at the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. […]

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Watford City Heritage Park Season Opener

By Rachel Venture / June 1, 2023

The flowers on the trees have bloomed, and all of the leaves have sprouted from their branches. Baby coyotes are yipping in the pasture and the bees are starting to pollinate the clovers popping their heads up out of the ground. Spring is in full swing, summer will be here before we know it, and […]

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Fort Union Trading Post A Historical Hub of Trade and Peaceful Coexistence

By Community Shopper / April 27, 2023

By Eli Lund, Guest Writer Located 25.5 miles west of Williston, ND, the Fort Union Trading Post holds a special place in the history of the Upper Missouri River. Established in 1828, this trading post had a lengthy existence as a place of peaceable coexistence for almost 40 years, eventually closing its doors in 1867. […]

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End of the Rope: The Story of North Dakota’s Last Case of Frontier Justice

By JC LaBar / February 23, 2023

State’s Attorney J.S. Taylor, accused killer Charles Bannon, Williams County Deputy Sheriff Earl Gorden and Sheriff Charles Jacobson McKenzie County State’s Attorney Dennis Edward Johnson wrote the true story “End of the Rope,” a book about the disappearance of the Haven family and the vigilante lynching of Charles Bannon-the last lynching in North Dakota. Dennis […]

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