72 Years of Serving Williston with Quality Appliances and Televisions

Established in 1951, Ekblad's has been a part of the Williston community for an impressive 72 years. This family-owned business has its roots in the very foundation of the city, having evolved alongside the progress of technology and the growth of the local population. With a legacy that spans generations, Ekblad's continues to thrive by offering an extensive range of in-stock appliances and televisions, as well as expert installation and service. It even won the 2022 Best Of The Bakken Award.

Founded by current owner Jon’s father and uncle, at Peterson's Creamery, Ekblad's has grown from a small shop selling appliances to the largest display of appliances and televisions in western North Dakota. With a rich history dating back to 1951, they had their work cut out for them in the early days when they had to wire appliances themselves, as many rural areas had only recently received electricity.

Over the years, Ekblad's has always prided itself on being a one-stop shop for the surrounding area, providing delivery, installation, and service. In 1966, they expanded their product offerings by adding the Zenith line of televisions, adapting to the changing demands of their customers. As televisions evolved into flat-panel TVs, Ekblad's continued to offer delivery, installation, and service, ensuring a great experience for their customers.

At the core of Ekblad's success is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This dedication is evident in their extensive selection of in-stock appliances and televisions, which are readily available for purchase without having to place an order. The company also emphasizes its installation and service capabilities, ensuring customers receive top-notch support from the moment they choose an appliance.

Another key factor contributing to Ekblad's longevity is the strong family bond that runs the business. Jon Ekblad, who started working at the store at just seven years old, has spent 62 years contributing to the family business. Now 69 years old, Jon manages Ekblad's alongside his son, Brad Ekblad, keeping the tradition of family ownership alive.

As Ekblad's celebrates its 72nd anniversary, the company looks back on its incredible journey with pride and gratitude. By staying true to its core values of offering a vast selection of quality products, expert installation, and exceptional service, Ekblad's has become a staple in the Williston community. As the store continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its customers, one thing remains certain, and that is that Ekblad's commitment to excellence will ensure its success for generations to come.

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