Whisk It Good baked fresh in Williston

Humans are an incredibly multifaceted species who can create music, do math and write code. Some go into one profession, master it then move onto the next profession.
Whisk it Good owner Chelsea Norsten started off her career in Williston at the Police Department and for over eight years she diligently helped keep Williston safe. During her tenure, she would often bake for friends and family who remarked on her abilities.
In 2021, Norsten pushed to pursue her gift for baking which led to her opening Whisk It Good, a bakery pick up and delivery and catering business.

Baking is a science and it takes just the right amount of each ingredient to get the wanted results, and bagels are a real tough item. But Norsten takes on this challenge with great enthusiasm. A bagel recipe can take days of preparation but this is no problem for someone who loves to make bagels. Norsten spent eight months perfecting her own personal bagel recipe and prides herself in making variations of this breakfast and lunch staple. She also offers an assortment of cookies and cakes, too.

Whisk It Good also does wedding cakes and savory spreads for events with dairy free and diabetic options. With the popularity of Whisk it Good, Norsten has been able to hire a couple bakers to help her get orders done and allow her to attend events and interact with her customers on a personal level.

“A business owner wears a lot of hats,” Norsten said. “I don’t actually get to bake as much as I used to running the business but I couldn’t be happier with the way Williston has welcomed the bakery even if we don’t serve doughnuts.”

Norsten’s bakery is located at 723 Main Street. Complete with a chipper white and robin egg blue interior, the downstairs is a little cafe and the kitchen for the bakery. Soon the upstairs will be for tea parties, gatherings and meetings for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Whisk It Good can be found on Facebook or Norsten can be contacted through her website at whiskitgoodnd.com where her menu can also be found as well as ordering,  delivery and catering options.


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