Mindy’s Murals Beautifies Winterton Suites

Theodore Roosevelt has always accredited his determination to be President of the United States to his time spent in the rugged cattle wilderness of the North Dakota badlands.

North Dakota has inspired many other artists and writers to create some of their greatest works. The tough terrain, cold winters and work-filled summers have given rise to great paintings, books and songs.

A new work of art has recently appeared on the side of the Winterton Suites on 26th Street. This Bakken-inspired piece was created by Mindy Allen of Junction City, K.S., who created the piece in just eight days. The mural includes buffalo, a cowboy and an oil rig, all historic scenes from the Bakken.

Since childhood, Allen knew that she wanted to create art, but she didn’t think it would be possible to paint and get paid for it, let alone be able to travel and paint. After attending Kansas State University for graphic design, Allen took to social media to get her name and art out there. A couple of posts went viral, earning her a bit of recognition. Laura at Winterton Suites saw this viral video and knew that Allen was just the lady to make the motel wall a picturesque landscape.

With a little suggestion and some photos of the North Dakota landscape, Allen set to work creating the beautiful display that wraps around the corner of the Winterton Suites. She enjoys taking other people's ideas and memories and creating them into a three dimensional space. Winterton Suites gave her a canvas to play with and Allen did not let the rain or wind stop her from working hard to get her vision just right.

Allen will soon be back to her dream of painting across the entire country. So far, she has painted in nine states with hopes of painting in all 50 someday. Sioux Falls, S.D., will be the next town to get a Mindy’s Murals original.

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