Lemonade Day – Williston

The Williston Chamber of Commerce is hosting its 9th Annual Lemonade Day this Saturday! Lemonade Day is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth in grades K-8 important business, financial, character-building, and life skills that are the critical ingredients of entrepreneurship.

Running a lemonade stand is a fantastic way to learn about money management and business skills such as:

Capital Equipment
Supply & Demand
Credit, Debt, Gross & Net Income
Marginal Utility
Return on Investment
Compound Interest

Lemonade Day is a fantastic way for our area youth to get creative: costumes, booth design, lemonade flavors - there are SO MANY flavors and options! From fresh squeezed with homemade simple syrup, classic Country Time Lemonade, pink lemonade, lime-ade, additional flavors, or even adding frozen fruit to add a bit of "zing," the possibilities are endless!

The kids will learn about pricing and how to profit while keeping it affordable.  They will also practice marketing by creating eye-catching posters and signs to let people know where they are and receive mentoring from local entrepreneurs!

Lemonade Day is a community-driven event and FREE for participants; this year's event has been sponsored by

Main Squeeze Sponsor:


Best Tasting Contest Sponsor:

Williston Economic Development Star Fund

Lemon Drop Sponsor:

Williston Basin United Way

C&D Water Services

Mountrail-Williams Electric

Lee Suess LLC

Pucker Pal Sponsor:

Western Cooperative Credit Union

First International Bank & Trust

Advanced Business Methods

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Plumber Bros. Lemonade claimed the title of The 2023 Best Tasting Lemonade, and they became the honorary lemonade stand at Davidson Park on Lemonade Day, July 22nd.

They will be rounding out the day with a barbeque at Davidson Park from 4:30-7 pm to celebrate Lemonade Day! The Rotary Club will prepare free food for all attendees, awards for the Best Stand and Young Professional will be announced, and there will be a bouncy house, games, and fun activities for all ages.

To find out the location of all the incredible lemonade stands on Lemonade Day, visit our official stands map at https://lemonadeday.org/williston/stands-map.

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