Williston’s Johnny Holm concert experience

Williston, N.D.,  isn't just a city on the map. It's a heartbeat, a pulse that throbs with community spirit, and that spirit is about to surge to new heights. On Sept. 23, the Cutting Field in Williston is not just a venue but a celebration and a memory in the making.

This summer's most anticipated concert extravaganza comes courtesy of a collaboration between the Williston Community Builders, the Basin Kruzers and Expanse Electrical Co., marking another chapter in their legacy of creating extraordinary community events. But this isn't just about music. It's about community spirit, about cars, about kids, about food and about memories. The Basin Kruzers have joined this collaboration, bringing with them a vintage extravaganza, making the event an unparalleled blend of classic and contemporary.

Imagine this, it's noon, and Cutting Field is alive with anticipation. There's the mouth-watering aroma wafting from food trucks. The clicking of cans opening from the cash bar hints at the fun to come. Kids, with smiles wide, jump in bouncy houses, while others curiously watch the bizarre but hilariously entertaining Chicken Poo bingo. And all this while, a spectacular array of classic cars and motorcycles, gleaming under the North Dakota sun, create a picturesque backdrop, as if time has stopped and you're somewhere between the glorious past and the thrilling present.

But the day doesn't stop there. As 3 p.m. nears, there's excitement in the air. It’s time for the pin-up girl contest. Women dressed in classic, retro styles, reminiscent of the golden era, compete, turning the field into a time capsule. Following closely are contests for the best-dressed couples and kids, each one vying for the title, each one a testament to Williston's sense of community and shared joy.

Basin Kruzers award ceremony at 4:30 p.m. is not just about the awards — it's a nod to the automobile culture, the craftsmanship and the history each vehicle carries. The pride of being recognized as having one of the top 10 cars or top three bikes is amazing, but so is the mutual respect and friendship shared by all participants.

But as the evening shadows lengthen, the real star of the event prepares to take center stage: The Johnny Holm Band. Holm isn't just a performer; he's an experience. With unmatched energy and a unique connection with his audience, Holm, along with some of the most talented musicians from the Midwest, creates a masterpiece of music and shared experiences. The field becomes a dance floor, and for hours, there's only music and a community lost in joy.

Behind all these events stand the pillars of the community: The Williston Community Builders. Their endeavors stretch beyond just events. They are the craftsmen of experiences. With projects ranging from unique playgrounds to the building of monuments that stand as testaments to freedom, their commitment to improving Williston's quality of life is unwavering. Comprising members from diverse professions, they are united by a singular goal: to build a better community. Their belief is simple — community-building is not just about brick and mortar, it's about experiences, memories, and a shared future.

Sept. 23 isn't just a date. It's an invitation. An invitation to be part of something grand, to be part of a memory, to be part of Williston's legacy. So come, join and be part of the magic. Let the music of Johnny Holm sweep you away, let the cars take you back in time, and let the community spirit remind you that in Williston, there's always something extraordinary waiting just around the corner.

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