Sip, Give, Go Is Making an Impact in Williston

Sip, Give, Go is the brilliant execution of a food drive orchestrated by the First Lutheran Church in Williston. This heartwarming initiative is all about coming together as a community and collecting non-perishable food items to stock the local food banks. The driving force behind this effort is to ensure that the food bank shelves are filled with actual food, providing a lifeline to those facing challenging times.


Two years ago, the First Lutheran Church received the opportunity when it was selected as the only church in North Dakota to participate in a pilot program launched by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Among 49 churches chosen nationwide, they took the chance to redefine what it means to be a church beyond the traditional setting. Thus, Sip, Give, Go was born.

Every Thursday morning until September 21st, from 7:30 to 9:00 am, the event takes place at 915 Main Street. Initially intended to offer a simple cup of coffee to commuters during their morning drives, the event quickly evolved into an opportunity to encourage food donations. Participants are rewarded for their generous contributions with steaming cups of coffee and delectable treats donated by local businesses. The real triumph, however, lies in the awareness raised and the additional groceries purchased by community members. These contributions become a lifeline for families facing unexpected expenses, emergency situations, or other unforeseen challenges, allowing them to focus more of their limited budget toward vital needs like medical costs, vehicle repairs, or medications.

One amazing aspect of Sip, Give, Go is the involvement of the congregation. The church's confirmation students and adults embark on the "Great Food Hunts." These hunts see them venturing into the neighborhoods and collecting food donations for the local food banks. Through this experience, the younger generation not only contributes to stocking the shelves but also nurtures a sense of compassion and responsibility toward the younger generation.

Sip, Give, Go holds a special place as the capstone project of the Content Congregational Lead Initiative (CLI) grant received by the First Lutheran Church. This grant has empowered them to explore new ways of engaging with the community. By stepping outside the traditional church environment, the First Lutheran Church has managed to connect with individuals who might not have otherwise crossed their paths. Through this newfound presence, they offer support, prayers, and a comforting presence when needed the most.

Sip, Give, Go has become not only a church event, but rather a community event. Through their commitment to helping others, the First Lutheran Church, along with the the support of local businesses like Cash Wise, Albertsons, Cooks on Main, Books on Broadway, and DeJa Brew, Sip, Give, Go stands as an inspiring testament to the profound change that can be achieved when a community comes together with love and empathy in their hearts.

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