Safe Surfin’ Foundation providing free child ID cards

The Safe Surfin' Foundation Child Identification Event will be happening at the Williston Moose Lodge — an event for children and parents to come and receive a child identification card.

Brought by the Williston Moose Lodge #239, the Williston Police Department and the Williams County Sheriff's Office, this event will take place on Sept. 30 from 10-1 p.m. at the Williston Moose Lodge to get parents a free ID card for their children and stay for a free lunch.

Only taking about five minutes, parents can provide their child’s information and receive a child ID quickly. Information given will not be kept and will remain private. The ID card will have all the important information that police would need if a child were to ever go missing.

The Safe Surfin' Foundation started in 1998. It was made by police officers who wanted to keep kids safe and teach them how to use the internet responsibly. They work hard to protect kids from harm and teach them and their parents how to be safe online.

It’s crucial for parents to have all the information they might need in case something bad ever happens. This event makes sure that parents have this tool and know what to do with it. And because no one keeps the information, it is all safe and private.

This event is not just about getting a free child ID card, it’s also about the community coming together to look out for one another. The Williston Moose Lodge has taken care of all costs and the free lunch makes for a family affair.

This Child ID event is all about making sure kids are safe and everyone in the community is looking out for each other. Come to the Williston Moose Lodge on Sept. 30 to get a free child ID, enjoy a free lunch and be a part of making Williston a safer place for kids.

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