Preserving North Dakota’s History with ScanDay


Are you a resident of North Dakota with a collection of photographs, documents, or objects that hold historical value? Would you like to contribute to preserving the rich heritage of your community? If so, we invite you to participate in ScanDay, an exciting event organized by the North Dakota State Library and sponsored by the Williston Community Library.

ScanDay is an initiative aimed at digitizing photographs, documents, objects, and other items of historical significance from the collections of North Dakota residents. With the help of dedicated staff from the North Dakota State Library, this event brings scanning and photography equipment directly to your community, making it convenient for you to contribute to the preservation of your local history.

During the ScanDay event, you can bring up to 10-15 items from your collection to be scanned and photographed. This includes family photographs, letters, diaries, newspapers, maps, and other artifacts that provide insights into the past. The scanning process is handled by the experienced professionals from the North Dakota State Library, ensuring that your items are treated with care and returned to you promptly.

After the scanning is completed, each participant will receive a flash drive containing digital copies of their items. These digital copies are a valuable resource for personal use, research, and education. Additionally, the digitized items will be made accessible to the public through Digital Horizons, an online platform dedicated to preserving and sharing North Dakota's history. By contributing to ScanDay, you not only safeguard your own personal history but also contribute to the collective memory of the state.

To participate in ScanDay and secure a time slot for scanning, please contact the Williston Community Library. They will provide you with further details and assist you in reserving your spot. Remember, this is an excellent opportunity to play an active role in preserving the cultural heritage of North Dakota for future generations.

For additional information on ScanDay, including dates, locations, and frequently asked questions, please visit the official website at Here you will find comprehensive information that will help you prepare for the event and make the most of this unique opportunity.

Join us in building and preserving North Dakota history. Be a part of ScanDay and contribute to the collective memory of your community. Together, we can ensure that the stories and artifacts of the past continue to inspire and educate generations to come.

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