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James, OFI help recipient, and Courtney, program director

Photo by: Rachel Venture
James, OFI help recipient, and Courtney, program director Photo by: Rachel Venture

It is great to live in a world with so many different and wonderful people. People who wake up each morning and ask themselves, “How can I make today better for humanity?” And then set out to answer that question. At Opportunity Foundation Inc, there are 40 years worth of hard working people whose goal it is to answer that very question every day.

OFI is an organization that provides services to people with disabilities of all ages. They offer an infant development program for kids from birth to 3 years old and support to help families care for family members with disabilities.

OFI has five outpatient group homes in Williston, as well as homes in Tioga and Stanley where high functioning people with disabilities can live an independent life with minimum assistance.

Many members of OFI contribute to the community in big ways. While some people have a work coach that helps them to work outside of OFI businesses, OFI operates The Wise Penny, Second Opportunity and owns and operates Daily Addiction where people like James Vandall can work and learn valuable skills. James is a skilled barista at Daily Addiction and has a pizazz for making Red Bull Lotus drinks. This work allows him a nice wage that he uses to go to his favorite concerts like last month when he saw  Ludacris and T-Pain at the North Dakota State Fair. Another Daily Addiction will be opening soon to give Williston a convenient place to fuel up in the morning while helping the local community.

OFI operates the OSOM Car Wash which teaches money management, attention to detail and social interaction with strangers and provides another opportunity to incorporate these most special citizens into our community with love, respect and dignity.

On Sept. 16, OFI will be hosting their memorial golf tournament at Eagle Ridge and sponsorship opportunities are still available. OFI is a registered 501-c3 non-profit so all donations are tax deductible and they take donations all year round.

“We are always looking for staff and volunteers,” said OFI employee Kaylee Jones.  “We’ve been getting our name out there a lot more and trying to do more in the community to keep our people involved. We believe that we shouldn't just do things for people [with disabilities] if we can avoid it. We want to help them help themselves and make their own choices. To experience everything that life has to offer.”

OFI makes sure everyone gets to participate in activities and group trips. They go on group vacations, to Summer Nights on Main and many other local happenings and sporting events.

James is getting ready to take a trip to Las Vegas to see the sights and go on the thrill rides. OFI helps him to live like any young man should with a job, goals and things to look forward to with people who love him.

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