East Mediterranean Disaster Relief

Over 100 aftershocks have continued to devastate countries in the Eastern Mediterranean after a 7.8 earthquake struck around 4 AM Monday morning while most people still slept. Some of the aftershocks are just as strong as the original earthquake, registering on a mid 7. The death toll has soared to over 12,000 as men, women and children both dead and alive are being pulled from the rubble of high rise apartment buildings as well as single floor concrete houses and businesses. One of the most viral photos in the word right now is of a baby girl born to a mother who died shortly after giving birth. These horrifying images are just some of many tragic stories unfolding across the Eastern Mediterranean and you can help in rescue efforts across the world. Besides bringing it up at your next bible study or at church when the donation plate goes by, these notable charities are accepting money to provide relief to babies, children, men and women suffering from this ongoing catastrophe.





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