Celebrating Local Excellence With Pride Of Dakota

Pride of Dakota is a program that brings together local entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers, and artisans under one umbrella to showcase their products and services. This program aims to create a network of North Dakota businesses that can promote local goods and a sense of community. While it has a very diverse range of products, it allows for handmade and gourmet items and foods to agricultural goods and services.

The Pride of Dakota program was established in 1985 as an initiative by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture that is geared to support North Dakota’s local businesses. Over the years it has gained a reputation of contributing to the growth of the state’s economic growth by allowing local businesses to flourish and promoting local products.

What the program does is provides the platform for local businesses to showcase their products, network among other local entrepreneurs, and gain the resources needed to allow them to grow. There have been numerous stories of small businesses in the program expanding their customer base because of the program. It has grown steadily over the years and is expected to continue to grow to raise up North Dakotans who wish to expand their business.

Every year, the program has an event called the Annual Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase, where hundreds of vendors display their locally made products for thousands of people who attend the event to purchase. This event has given these small businesses the opportunity to increase their sales and get a larger customer base.


Pride of Dakota not only helps those small businesses, but it also helps the local community grow. The aim of the program is to promote local products and local business to keep money flowing in the state and help the economy. It creates a sense of pride in supporting the local community, as we often seek to want to support local, as we should.

There are also many benefits to support these local businesses that are a part of the program. The program provides marketing assistance, such as social media exposure and visibility from Pride of Dakota. There are also networking and educational resources, as there are many networking events put on to facilitate collaboration, and training sessions and workshops to improve business management and customer service. It also allows for high quality products that support the local area businesses to circulate, providing a sense of growth amongst neighbors.

The Pride of Dakota program has proven to be an invaluable resource for the local businesses of North Dakota. With its focus on promoting local goods and services, the program will boost the economy while also boosting the local community. By supporting North Dakota and Pride of Dakota, all consumers and businesses will thrive here in this very sustainable region of the Northwest part of the state.

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