Artists on Main: Bring More Vibrancy to Downtown Williston

To bring the arts into a community is to bring the essence of life, and Williston is seeking that creative aspect through the use of the downtown area. On Saturday, February 25, the Artist On Main workshop was held at the James Memorial Art Center. This was a unique opportunity to unite creative minds to focus on bringing art to the downtown area.

In partnership with the Williston Downtowners, Janessa Storlie applied for a grant from the Main Street Initiative that offers technical assistance and funding to bring more art to the local downtown district. Other partners for the program are Rethos, Springboard, and the ND Department of Commerce. Williston was one of five new communities announced as receiving the program. Janessa has always believed that Williston needed to showcase local culture and history through art, and this opportunity comes with five different projects.


The Artists On Main workshop is a way to bring open conversation to the community between the community leaders and also the artists. The discussion focuses on finding areas of the downtown that need art and revitalization and also the artists that can be featured. This conversation will lead to ideas to bring people downtown, where the heart of Williston resides. This workshop was open to the public and will see an application process that will select up to five projects that can bring a new vibrancy to our community.

The first community that was given the opportunity to be the pilot community for the project was Bowman, North Dakota. Some of the projects seen in Bowman were a mural and a community garden. With five more communities, Williston being one, there is much to look forward to in terms of visiting the downtown areas. Project proposals will become available on February 27, and the deadline for completed proposals is March 24. Once selected in mid-April, the artists will be contacted. These projects must be finished by the end of September. What would you like to see done in the downtown area?

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