Proactive awareness increases early detection of breast cancer

October marks breast cancer awareness month, a cancer that the National Breast Cancer Foundation says one in eight women will be diagnosed with in their lifetime.

Breast cancer starts in the cells of a breast as a group of cancer cells that can invade surrounding tissue or spreads to other areas of the body. Without discrimination, NBCF says 297,790 women and 2,800 men are estimated to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2023, a grim statistic. But there is hope, and that hope lies in the early detection and treatment methods that have shown to provide significant survival rates. The American Cancer Society has found that when detected early, and in a localized stage, the five-year relative survival rate is 99%.

Symptoms of breast cancer can include changes in the breast or nipple, including tenderness, a lump or thickening near the breast or underarm. A change in skin texture, dimpling in the breast, swelling or shrinkage or irregular discharge from the nipple. Any, even slight, abnormality should be seen by a healthcare professional.

Proactive ways to detect early symptoms of the cancer include self-exams and clinical exams. The NBCS recommends self-examining the breast every month, as most lumps are found this way. An annual mammogram, an x-ray of the breast tissue, can detect a lump before it can be felt. And  clinical exams are done by a medical professional to check for lumps, change in skin texture and other abnormalities.

CHI St. Alexius and Bras for a Cause will be hosting events during the month to advocate for breast cancer awareness, prevention and support.

Mammos and Mimosas

CHI St. Alexius Health in Williston is hosting their annual Mammos and Mimosas event on Oct. 14 from 8-12 p.m. Come in for a mammogram appointment and stay for breakfast and non-alcoholic mimosas.  Appointments can be made by calling 701-774-7435 and insurance will be billed.

Bras for a Cause auction

Bras for a Cause is hosting their 11th annual bra auction on Oct. 21. A silent auction and live auction of creatively decorated bras donated by the community will take place at the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds in building B. Bras for a Cause is a local non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people of Williston and the surrounding communities who are battling cancer.

Doors open at 3 p.m., with the silent auction starting at 4 p.m. and live auction at 6 p.m. There is a cash bar, free will feed and live models. This is free to the public and  is a 21 and over event.

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