Williston Basin School District 7 Fast Facts

With the upcoming Middle School Reconfiguration Public Forum coming up this week (and next), I wanted to share a bit of information from the

Long-Term Facilities Planning Report, School Board Presentation, held May 3, 2022, and Presented by Consultant Dr. Jeffrey M. Schatz.

General Guiding Principles for Making Decisions about Facility Needs

(as found in the presentation)

  • Educational Programs Equitable program opportunities should be provided to all students where demand, space, and program sustainability exist at a level the District can support.
  • Financial Responsibility Use school district resources, including facilities aligned with long-term financial and sustainability goals, to ensure adequate funds for educational programs.
  • Flexibility in Grade Configurations Provides grade configuration options consistent across the school district yet allows flexibility for the unique needs of programs.
  • Reconcile Existing, and Future Enrollment and School Capacities Identify and reconcile school capacity and catchment (boundary) areas for existing and future enrollment demands.
  • Facility Renewal All facilities should be maintained at the highest standard possible to provide safe, healthy, and well-equipped learning environments.

Overall Enrollment Projection

  • 5,622 students in 2025/26
  • Increase of 573 students from 2020/21

Elementary School Enrollment 

  • 2836 students in 2025/26
  • Increase of 267 students from 2020/21

Middle School Enrollment 

  • 1288 students in 2025/26
  • Increase of 121 students from 2020/21

High School Enrollment 

  • 1498 students in 2025/26
  • Increase of 185 from 2020/21

Building Enrollments and Capacities (as of 4/18/22)

Bakken: enrollment-562, capacity as used-964

DEAS (Rented Building): enrollment-19, capacity as used-N/A

Garden Valley: enrollment-170, capacity as used-350

Hagan: enrollment-480, capacity as used-385

Lewis and Clark: enrollment-285, capacity as used-300

McVay: enrollment-385, capacity as used-535

Missouri Ridge: enrollment-367, capacity as used-500

Rickard: enrollment-324, capacity as used-335

Round Prairie: enrollment-39, capacity as used-350

Wilkinson: enrollment-302, capacity, as used-302

Williston Middle School: enrollment-461(350 - 400), capacity as used-826

Innovation Academy: enrollment-259, capacity as used-300

Williston High School: enrollment-1186, capacity as used- 1290 – (1600)

Enrollment 4839 

Current Enrollments (as of 4/18/22)

Kindergarten 456

1st grade 426

2nd grade 413

3rd grade 389

4th grade 434

5th grade 377

6th grade 392

7th grade 371

8th grade 376

9th grade 372

10th grade 336

11th grade 261

12th grade 236

Total Enrollment 4839

As of April 2022, there are four schools with a large percentage of space in temporary modular Building:

  • Wilkinson has 25% of its actual square footage in modular buildings.
  • McVay has 55% of its actual square footage in modular buildings.
  • Round Prairie has 55% of its actual square footage in modular buildings.
  • Garden Valley has 71% of its actual square footage in modular buildings.

Friends, there are MANY moving parts and things to consider. There is no perfect answer, but I firmly believe that we can work together to find a workable solution. Please take the time to attend the Ask the Superintendent Forums, ask questions, dig in, and email. It takes a village, and I know we can do great things when we work together.

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