Valentine’s for the Singles

Valentine’s Day - dun, dun, dun! For all the singles, Valentine’s can be filled with way too much of all the couples in their lives. These couples celebrate their love, talk about their plans, and basically, unintentionally, shove it in your face that they’re in love. However, Valentine’s is about love in general, not just just romantic love. So let’s call all the single ladies - and men - and celebrate the heck out of being single this Valentine’s Day!

What do you do when celebrating a Single’s Valentine’s? Well, pretty much anything you want! This is a day all about you. If you want to spend it with friends, by yourself, or with your family, do it. If you don’t know how to spend the day, here’s a few ideas.


1. Start a new book - The type of book doesn’t matter, audio, kindle, real, just pick one up. Getting engrossed in a whole new world is a perfect way to forget about everything and to relax. What better way to show yourself love than to do something relaxing, brain engaging, and alone.

2. Movies! - Whether you want to go to the theater or have the ultimate marathon at home, movies are a great choice. While some say going to the theater alone is one of the best experiences ever, you can always enjoy a movie with your bestie or a family member. Keep this choice in your back pocket for a quick, easy, and fun Valentine’s plan.

3. Make a date night for yourself- Buy yourself flowers, write your name in the sand, and talk to yourself for hours. Seriously, do it up! Dress up, eat at your favorite restaurant, pick up some gourmet chocolate, and, of course, the flowers. It’s a date night all about you!


4. Do something you’ve been dying to do - A concert, comedy show, ice skating, museum, a class, a weekend getaway, etc. Whether it’s something you just haven’t made the time for or have been debating about, this is your chance to go for it. And if you don’t feel like doing it alone, call another one of your single friends and have fun together.

5. Share the holiday - While you can’t share with a special someone, you can still share the holiday. Doing something nice for someone else such as a grandparent, or elderly neighbor can make both you and them feel good. You could also try volunteering and sharing love with shelter pets or in a nursing home.

6. Pampering - Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? It’s you! Whether you go all out and go to the spa or do a little pampering at home, it can be amazing. Looking good and feeling good go together like Valentine’s Day and chocolate. Who can deny feeling sexy feels good? Get a haircut, do your nails, maybe throw in a face mask, go all out.

7. Sports - A little competition is always fun. If your favorite sport is on, watch it! You can watch it at home on your comfy couch or head to the nearest sports bar and cheer with the rest of your team.

8. Date Night? - Why not? Invite your bestie and go all out! Dress up and order off that fancy restaurant’s Valentine’s Day menu. Maybe even go for that fine wine pairing.

9. Try out a new recipe - If you just don’t feel like going out, make that fancy dinner for yourself. We all have that one recipe that we’d love to try but are worried won’t turn out good, or, at least in my case, are too lazy to do it. Pump the music, dance your heart out, and make a bomb meal all for yourself.


10. Splurge - Have you been eyeing a dress or maybe a piece of jewelry at your favorite boutique? Get it, cause what’s better than saying I buy my own diamonds?

Valentine’s isn’t just for couples. No moping around watching sad romcoms this year, it’s time for a day of fun and self love. Have fun!

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