The Grand Williston Hotel Renovations

From the Airport International Inn to the Grand Williston Hotel and Conference Center, many of us have attended at least one birthday party, wedding, or Christmas party at this Williston staple; and boy, has it come a long way! The crew at The Grand Williston has been hard at work on renovations and is OPEN and ready for you!

Grand Hotel

From their updated kitchen & dining to the Ballroom (formerly the Courtyard); from the Bison Room which used to be known as the Ballroom to the highly anticipated Pool; they have poured a ton of love, heart, and dollars into this project! 

This week, I took a tour with Gina, the sales and catering manager, and she graciously showed me all of the updates. They have been toiling away at renovations from a brand new lobby to the accent lights in the Ballroom. While the rooms haven't been renovated yet, they will be soon!

One of my first questions was about the Pool. Oh, the memories I have from Birthday parties at the Pool! During the tour, Gina showed me some of the upgrades:

  • Two of the poolside rooms have been turned into locker rooms.
  • The slide has gotten a major upgrade.
  • They've removed the two hot tubs and are putting in a therapeutic tub (slightly lower temperature, but larger).
  • Keeping the classic baby pool!
  • They are still working on pricing for Birthday Party Packages, but Gina assured me that they would be offering them again!

Setbacks in any renovation or construction are inevitable, and The Grand Williston has had its share of delays in product and a shortage of staff - they are currently looking to hire kitchen, bar, housekeeping stafff, and more!
Still, they are diligently working on hosting holiday parties, vendor shows and beyond! Stop in to try their new menu, and check out the improvements they have made so far.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting events at The Grand Williston!

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