See what Our Clients Say!

“We can’t thank the staff at The Shopper enough for their quick responses, great quality, and kind customer service! The Shopper is a paper that so many people in our area read and advertising with them has been a great asset to our Credit Union!”

-Sarah Johnson (Marketing Director at Western Cooperative Credit Union)

"We have been advertising in The Shopper for years, every week, page 4, top left corner. The Shopper has been the best way for us to get our travel information out to the area people. Over 70% of our sales come from our Shopper Ads. It is worth every dollar we spend on our ads."

-Steve Joraanstad (Owner of Travel World Crosby)

“Country Floral has many different avenues in our business.  The Shopper creates unique ads weekly for us.  We are very happy to patronize The Shopper. ”

-Kathy Thorson (Country Floral Store Manager)

“We continue to reach our community by utilizing The Shopper to promote our special events and services. The consistent placement of ads in The Shopper has become a routine publication where people go to learn about what is happening at Mercy Medical Center.”

-Dubi Cummings (PR/Marketing Manager of Mercy Medical Center)

"RE/MAX Bakken Realty has been advertising in The Shopper on a weekly basis for 6 years.  We believe that anyone interested in Real Estate of any kind will probably pick up The Shopper to check out the latest offerings.  We advertise in a lot of different mediums and are always in The Shopper as a service to our customers."

-Barbara Curren (Business Office Manager at Fairlight Medical Center)

-Bill Murphy (Director of Marketing & Business Development at Re/Max Bakken Realty)

“Since using The Shopper on a full-time basis we have noticed an increase in our overall patient count. We are very pleased with the quality of ads they produce for us. The staff is great to work with and the prices are reasonable.”

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