Mondak Animal Rescue Gets A Boost

We've all heard "Adopt, don't Shop." Most of us remember Bob Barker's tagline, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." If you've been in Williston for a bit, you've heard of the Mondak Animal Rescue. At their annual All Fur Love event, they announced a 6 million dollar donation from Lois Scheele. Guys. SIX. MILLION. DOLLARS. This money has been donated to expand the Buck Scheele Family Animal Center building. The building currently sits at 18,000 square feet, and this addition will add 2700 more square footage. Here's a quick breakdown of what additions will be made:

  • Twelve intake dog kennels to the current five intake dog kennels - intake is a medical hold area, similar to a short-term quarantine. (they currently have 15 cat intake kennels already in place)
  • A dedicated maternity ward- adding five kennels for dogs and four kennels for cats. They currently use the isolation room, closets, bathrooms, and any available space.
  • A Parvovirus ward. This is HUGE. Parvo is incredibly contagious and dangerous for our four-legged friends. They are currently using the isolation ward, and workers must gown up, but once you have worked around Parvo, workers must leave for the day. The new Parvo Ward will have a separate entrance.
  • Adding three indoor dog runs will help when cleaning kennels and in adverse weather. Each kennel takes 30 minutes (or more) to clean each day.
  • Adding five large luxury kennels for boarding - think Great Danes and Saint Bernards; these are also great for multiple dogs (I know mine have to stay together, or they mutiny)
  • Swapping the orientation of the current cat grooming and adding more large towers (for a total of 7).

A bit of stats from 2022-

Intake: 69.35% Transfer-ins (animals transferred from the local pound, wolf point, etc.), 12.39% Owner Surrenders, 12.17% Strays, and 6.09% Born in Care.

Outcome Stats: 99.11% Adopted out, .88% Transferred Out.

January of 2023 saw 45 Animal intakes, with 40 Animals adopted.

Owner surrenders are still a significant part of the rescue intake, and they have moved away from taking information over the phone. All owner surrenders must complete the surrender form on their website, and they will reach out to them as space allows.

Lisa Patton, board president, notes that they have a great relationship with the Community Resources Officer and that they work together to do what they can for the animals. She also applauds Dr. Heidi Folden of Western Vet and Dr. Grimm out of Wolf Point, who have been involved with animal care, vaccination, and spay/neuters.


This generous donation will cover the cost of building. As the area's only brick-and-mortar non-profit shelter (as well as having the lowest fees in the state for adoptions), they depend on donations from the community for day-to-day operations. Tax-deductible donations can be made at

or you can purchase items from their Amazon Wishlist here:

If time is what you have to give, PLEASE DO.

If you're home is four (or three) legs short of full, take a peek at the available loves here:

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