Missouri Ridge Students Give


The students at Missouri Ridge school came together recently in the heart of a tragedy to bring help and comfort to those in need. Through overwhelming support and kindness, the family of those afflicted can sleep slightly better knowing they live in a place where neighbors and classmates take care of each other. Kindness is always a wise decision and Missouri Ridge Teachers want to pass on that ideal to their students in a way that will last their entire lives. Teaching children to cope with the inevitable tragedy that life will dish out in a positive and communally reinforcing way is a lesson that can’t be taught in a book or on tv.  “We wanted her [Jodee Furhman] daughters to know that her Missouri Ridge family loved her and will hold her memories close forever,” said Brandie Hass of Missouri Ridge.  “We decided to do a ‘hat day’ for 7 days for $1 a day plus a free will donation if the family chose to.  This was completely voluntary and not mandatory.”

With a little help from a Facebook post, Williston came running to the rescue. Hass continued, “We had a hefty goal of raising $2000 for her funeral but we surprised the family with $11,500 on Friday.  Since then, we are now up to $11,905.  We could not have done this without the support of our students and their families, but also the community.”

We are truly blessed to be surrounded by giving, noble hearts in the face of such tragedy in our home town.

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