Gifts for New College Grads About to Enter the Workforce

The day a student graduates from college is a momentous occasion. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics indicates that more than two million students earned bachelor's degrees at the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year, the most recent year such information was available.

As another graduation season rounds into form, millions more hard working college students are about to receive their degrees. Commencement will be a big moment for those students and it will also prove a proud moment for their families, who will want to reward graduates with a gift commensurate with this significant accomplishment. As graduates prepare to trade in campus life for the professional arena, well-wishers can consider these graduation gift ideas.

· Attire: Though many businesses have committed to remote or hybrid working in recent years, college graduates will still need something more than hoodies and sweatpants as they enter the professional arena. Professional attire can include anything from suits to business casual clothing. Developing a professional wardrobe can be costly, so gift givers can take new college grads out shopping for attire that can help them make a strong first impression. If distance or timing makes such an excursion impossible, a gift card worth enough money to help grads begin building an impressive professional wardrobe can make for a great gift.

· Tote bag/messenger bag: Traditional briefcases are still around, but many modern professionals now prefer tote bags and messenger bags. Bags with padded pockets that can accommodate 15-inch laptops can be especially useful and help new graduations set a professional tone during interviews and after landing a job.

· Apartment furnishings: Of course, some newly minted grads will already have a job lined up by the time they stroll across a graduation stage and receive their degrees. In such instances, they might benefit from a little help furnishing their first apartments. Some new kitchenware, a gift card to a furniture store or some gadgets like a new smart TV or home speaker system can help a new place feel like home that much sooner.

· Cooking lessons: Now that the campus dining hall is in the rearview mirror, new grads will have to prepare their own meals. Some might be doing so for the first time, so some cooking lessons with a local chef or instruction offered at a local restaurant can ensure new grads aren't spending the bulk of their earnings on takeout or dining out.

College graduation is an exciting time in a young person's life. Loved ones can consider an assortment of gifts to make this period even more special.

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