Galentine’s Day


It’s time for a girl’s day, and there’s no better day than February 13th. Why is that? Because it’s Galentine’s Day, of course! The day is all about celebrating your friendships and showing how much you appreciate those girlies who are always there to support you.

Call your girls and make a plan! Every friend group is different so how you spend the holiday will always be unique. No matter what your Galentine’s looks like, make the most of it.

If your friend group is a bunch of foodies, there are so many fun things to do together. You can enjoy food together by having a nice brunch, a delicious coffee date, or a fancy dinner. If you’re more into the making of the food, take a class, have a bake off, charcuterie night, old-fashioned potluck, or do a cookie swap. There are so many fun ways to enjoy food with your friends.

Adventure is always around the corner when you’re with friends. Karaoke night, drinks on the town, concerts, bowling, game nights, road trips, and more. They’re all fun. Make it a day and try to do them all, or pick your favorite and enjoy it!


For all the super girly girls, you have tons of fun options. Spa day, anyone? Get your nails done, a massage, and do some shopping. Thrift shopping is a lot of fun, too! You can round out the day with a fun sleepover in a nice hotel. Watch the romcoms, drink the wine, and share some secrets.

If your group is more of a bunch of homebodies, worry not, I’ve got some stuff for you, too. Movie marathon, at home photoshoot, and a sleepover. If you all like to read, you could do a book exchange and spend the day reading or all read the same book and compare notes. You could get your group together, make a nice supper, and relax on the couch. Whatever fits your group and makes you happy!.

Lastly, I don’t know how they do it - the active friend group. Plan a hike, go sledding, or even cross country skiing. If you’d rather do something indoors, you could take an exercise class or a yoga class. Maybe you even want to volunteer together. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll be having fun.

Sadly, not all friends can be together on Galentine’s,but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate! You can send Galentines cards and flowers to your faraway friends. If you want to have some fun with it, you can even play virtual Secret Cupid. We’ve all heard of Secret Santa, right? This is the same but, hopefully, with a little less of the cold.

Despite all the ways to celebrate the day, I’m sure we can all agree on one: spending time with the friends that feed your soul and make you feel truly loved.

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