Entertainment Inc.! Presents: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


To say that Entertainment, Inc! has done it again is quite the understatement. They have turned all of their adult actors into children for a show right out of the comics. The local nonprofit that focuses on the very word in its name is known for its entertaining plays and musicals that it puts on for all to enjoy. This next feature is one that focuses on characters that have been around for nearly 70 years: the Peanuts gang. Starting the 16th of February, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown will be showing from that Thursday to Sunday the 20th of February.

Peanuts started in 1950 with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Patty, and Shermy as the four original characters. They first appeared in a comic strip written by Charles M. Schulz called Peanuts, and has long since been a staple in entertainment, having made comic strips, cartoons, and even holiday television specials. Now, you’ll be able to experience the musical in person. First started in 1967, this musical was later updated in the 1990s - but you’ll get to experience a performance based off of the 1967 version by Clark Gesner.

When choosing which show that Entertainment Inc! will perform, one has to know the community. B. Michael knows that in the winter, people want a fun show. He stated, “People like to get out if the weather cooperates and this show is definitely light entertainment for all ages. And it’s a musical.” B. Michael is the director of the upcoming musical and will also be performing in the show.

According to B. Michael, this is an ensemble, where there are only six people in it. It is a little different than a normal show that has a full plot, because this show is like reading the comic strip in the Sunday papers, it goes from one situation and then the next week we get a new situation. This show will be similar by alternating different scenes and music numbers. It is sure to keep the audience entertained.

What makes this play so unique and exciting, is the fact that this is a play about kids played by adults. It is pure entertainment. The actors are having a lot of fun with it. They are able to play a role that lets them be a kid again. In this experience, they play characters who experience a sense of wonder in everything, from tying their shoes to sharing a sandwich together. There is joy in being in character when life is simpler, and this is the performance that will bring you back to that joy.

So, if you are interested in spending time with Charlie Brown and his friends as they find enjoyment while trying to solve the bigger questions in life, I would encourage you to get your tickets at www.entertainmentinc.org. This six-person cast is ready to entertain you with a great, family-friendly show! You may have a favorite Peanuts character, but you are sure to love them all after watching the work of Entertainment, Inc!. For more information see the ad on page A-3, and keep an eye out on The Community Shopper for information on all the great events coming to the area.


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