Can You Hear the Sound of Band Day Coming?

Band Day has been a long-standing tradition in Williston, North Dakota, dating back to 1932. The entire day celebrates the community's love for music and brings marching bands, vendors, and the community together for a day of entertainment and fun.

This year, Band Day 2023 promises to be another exciting event, with the 188th Army Band of the North Dakota Army National Guard as one of the honored guest bands. The band is known for its exceptional performances and is sure to add to the festival's energy.

The day's highlight is the Band Day parade, which features over 100 entries, including many marching bands. The community of Williston lines the streets to watch the colorful floats and listen to the many different bands as they show off their talent. This year's parade will start at Noon, and participants will line up in the ARC/WSC parking lot.

In addition to the parade, there will be vendors and band performances at Harmon Park. Visitors can enjoy various food, drinks, and shopping while listening to performances at the Virgil Syverson Performance Center at the park. The Philadelphia Eagles Drumline is also returning this year, so be ready to enjoy the very entertaining performers.

One aspect of Band Day is the opportunity for students to interact with the guest bands, allowing young musicians to learn from experienced professionals and be inspired to pursue their passion for music. The interaction also will enable students to showcase their talents and receive valuable feedback from the guest bands.

Band Day is an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate its love for music. It is a time to appreciate the dedication and hard work of the many talented groups who perform and the many volunteers who organize the event. The festival has become a cherished tradition in Williston and is a testament to the community's commitment to promoting the arts.

Band Day brings together music lovers from across the region. This year's event promises to be another exciting day of entertainment and fun, featuring the 188th Army Band of the North Dakota Army National Guard and the Philadelphia Eagles Drumline. The parade, vendors, and band performances in the park are sure to provide something for everyone. So mark your calendars for Band Day 2023, and join us in celebrating our community's love for music on May 13th! For more information, make sure always to check the community calendar in The Community Shopper!


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