Business After Hours Heads to River’s Edge

Williston may not be known for its nine-to-five schedule, but that doesn’t stop the local entrepreneurs from getting together with the common interest of networking with other business individuals. Business After Hours is an event to bring networking to the forefront within one of the local businesses connected to the Williston Chamber of Commerce.

This month, River’s Edge Bar and Grill will be hosting the event that is partnered and organized by the Williston Chamber of Commerce. The River’s Edge has changed names throughout the years, but has recently rebranded back to The River’s Edge as it had been named sometime before J Dub’s Bar and Grill. Three locals purchased the bar with hopes of creating a venue that Williston needed. They are fulfilling their goals in many different ways, all of which are benefiting the community. The business is looking to expand by creating events and attractions that people can enjoy, such as live music, comedy shows, and much more. Already providing the bar and catering to many offsite events, they plan on even expanding this portion of the business, by collaborating with other businesses and venues to bring more entertainment that Williston has yet to see, some of which is already in the works.

If you are looking for great food, great service, and entertainment, The River’s Edge is the place to go. You can always check out their monthly calendar where you will find events nearly every night.

Starting at 5:30 P.M. at The River’s Edge Bar and Grill on Wednesday, February 8th, there will be an appetizer bar and a chance to win prizes. Open to the public, this is a great time to mingle with other entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this monthly event, Business After Hours, is to bring the business community of Williston together. If you are looking for more local events in Williston, you can check out The Community Shopper every Thursday.

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