Anna Nelson

The Williston Area Chamber of Commerce has snagged a true gem in their President. If you've had the pleasure of meeting Anna Nelson, you know exactly what I mean! She was born in Oregon, moved to Kotzebue, Alaska, then back to Rolla, ND, where she was homeschooled until the 7th grade. When I asked about the extreme moves, she explained that her dad was an Optometrist for the Indian Health Service, and they moved near wherever he happened to be stationed!


Anna graduated from the public school in Rolla with a graduating class of 30. She then obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Retail Merchandising at North Dakota State University with minors in Business Administration and Psychology. She moved to Los Angeles, California where she was the lead sales representative for a prominent showroom, then worked as an apparel buyer for an elite boutique in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. During those years, she earned her Master of Business Administration with a certificate in marketing.

Anna reconnected with her now husband Eric when she returned to North Dakota in 2018, to take the job as a news producer and anchor at KFYR-TV in Bismarck, which led her to assuming those roles for the local station, KUMV-TV. Eric is the Director of Technology at Creedence.

When I asked why she switched from tv to the Chamber, her biggest reason was the schedule. Her work days were 2 pm to 11 pm, with lots of weekends. The Chamber was intriguing for her, and with her marketing and retail background, it makes sense why she's the perfect fit!

One year in, and she has made her mark: as a Champion for find the good life 2.0, greater ND Workforce sub committee, Vision West ND, Western Region Economic Development, the Mental Health First Aid, and the Legislative Forums, she has advocated to help the general public better understand workings of Legislation,and is headed to Bismarck in March to advocate for Williston more!

I asked Anna what she does in her free time, and the wee bit she has, she spends with her Husband and occasionally Entertainment Inc (you may have seen her as Roxy in Chicago or Ms. Scarlet in Clue). All in all, my friend Anna is the real deal, and she loves Willistion as much as I do!!

P.S. Eric, she really, really wants a cute puppy.

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