A Taste of Italy

From the atmosphere to the exciting new tastes, Williston has a new Italian restaurant right in the downtown area. Sforno Trattoria, which means a small Italian restaurant serving food straight from the oven, is the perfect spot for you to get your tastebuds asking for more. Having been open since mid-December, the restaurant is bringing in people for a taste of Italy that many in the area have not been able to try.

Upon entering the restaurant, the customers are greeted with a soft aroma of Italian goodness. You’ll notice the décor of the interior is completely different from what used to be there, a Hawaiian restaurant, to an Italian look, which accented ceilings that fit the vibe, to perfectly placed Mediterranean art and placements. You get the feel that you are on vacation and eating in a small local Italian restaurant.

Photo by Alex McCann Johnson
Photo by Alex McCann Johnson

And you may guess that the atmosphere is not why people go to this place. Of course, it is
the food. From Tuesday to Saturday from 4:30 P.M. to 9 P.M., you will have an opportunity to try a taste of Italy right in Williston. All of the food is fresh to emphasize the real authentic Italian flavors. While planning the menu, it was taken into consideration what was going to be a big hit for the restaurant. Pasta is a huge hit, and with it made freshly every day, it gives customers the opportunity to get a taste of true Italian dishes.

One of the server’s favorite dishes is the Lemon Cream Linguine. This is a step away from the ordinary tomato sauce and alfredo and gives that lemony cream sauce a nice flavorful option. Malik Jones, son of owner Gemma Jones, stated that the Pollo Marsala is one of the favorites, a dish of stuffed chicken breast with ricotta, mushrooms, and onions served
with broccolini and garlic mashed potatoes and topped with a marsala wine sauce. This dish is sure to entice the senses and shows that there is so much more than pasta in this freshly cooked Italian food restaurant. Make sure to check it out at 23 Main St. right here in Williston. What is your favorite Italian dish? You’ll likely find it right there at Sforno Trattoria. And make sure to get one of their amazing Italian sodas.


For more info, visit https://www.restaurantji.com/nd/williston/sforno-trattoria-/

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