A New Generation of Quilters

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects of our lives, including our ability to volunteer and give back to the community. However, the First Lutheran Church in Williston, North Dakota, has turned this challenging situation into an opportunity to expand its outreach and engage more young people in quilting for charity.


During the pandemic, only a few dedicated volunteers, such as Ruth Glen and Kathleen Sinclair, continued to sew and quilt for charity. As a result, many elderly ladies who used to participate stayed away and now have age-related health issues that prevent them from returning. However, the church did not give up on its quilting ministry and are recruiting new volunteers and offering quilt classes to kids from the church and the community.

The 4-H kids are coming for quilting classes and have made a variety of items for babies, moms, and youth, including lovies, burp pads, quilts, grilling tool bags, art brush bags, and puffy hearts that were distributed during Valentine’s Day. They have donated their creations to various organizations, such as the Family Crisis Center, the police station for rescued children, and the Juvenile Detention Center in Mandan. The Youth for Christ kids have also made a beautiful quilt that was auctioned off at a fundraiser and raised over $5,000.

The church has primarily worked with the 4-H program and the church youth to offer these quilting classes. The program meets every Thursday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. The 4-H kids are known for their intelligence and quick learning, and involving them in quilting for charity is not only creating a positive impact in the community but also empowering the next generation of volunteers and philanthropists.

During the pandemic, the church invested in upgrading the quilt room to make it more updated and kid-friendly. With safety features like safety blades, cordless irons, and adjustable heights for large ironing stations, the quilt room is now a cheerful and safe space for learning how to quilt.

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for many people, the First Lutheran Church in Williston has shown that it is possible to turn challenges into opportunities. By involving more young people in quilting for charity and upgrading the quilt room, the church has created a positive impact in the community. This is an excellent example of how we can all come together to make a positive difference, even in the midst of difficult times.

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